Learn the Differences between No Limit Hold and Omaha

No limit hold'em poker games are becoming quite difficult to play in. The popularity of the game has made the games extremely hard to play in and win. This has led to many people choosing to transition to the game of pot limit Omaha. A new player who is not very experienced at playing Texas hold'em will find that they can barely break even during play and for this reason they start looking for a game that offers them a better chance of making money.

What is Pot Limit Omaha?

Omaha is a game that has an increased variance. This means that even inexperienced players have the chance to create large bankrolls without knowing much about the game because the equities between hands before the flop are much closer. A weaker player does not give up as much money before the flop as they do in hold'em and can go on a quick run or lose money at a slower rate. This is a good thing as it gives the fish more confidence that they can win so they keep playing. Here are a few things that you need to know if you are considering pot limit Omaha. The following site omahahilo has what it takes to make you become a signficant player in the indusrtry. You can also learn more about other sites that can easily qualify on the major casino portal. Visit the site today.

High Pairs

When it comes to being dealt high pairs, the odds are different in Omaha than in hold'em. For example, AAxx versus another set of 4 cards is a 65/35 favorite. In hold'em AA has an 85/15 edge against any other 2 cards. This tells you that your edge preflop is not a large amount and really comes down to a number of post flop factors.


When playing Omaha there are a lot of hands that can be played when in position; in fact, there are even more than can be played in no limit hold'em because of the pre-flop equities. When you have position and money available for post flop it is easy to play your hand profitably. In NLH it is often not the best idea to call a raise from a person in early position with a speculative hand even if you have position.

Connected Cards

While equities of hands are similar it is important to note that the playability of hands post flop. Suited and connected cards add to the equity of the hand, but the most valuable cards are the ones the ones that make nut draws. High cards make nut flush draws and nut straight draws. Consider playing connecting cards and suited cards when they are higher as opposed to lower. Remember, the hand values are different in Omaha as you will be dealt 4 cards instead of 2 making more hand combos possible.
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